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saurabh bhatnagar
4 min readSep 27, 2022

Yesterday I was invited to a mastermind where there were a few attendees and a couple of good creators as well.

One of the participants stood up and said we have seen you online and even seen your results online, but the fact that today you are really in front of us and we can see you personally makes us believe that the online dream is true and a lot of results can truly be achieved online.

After a moment of thinking I realized he said such an important thing and I shared this story there…

Until May 6, 1954 it was a belief that no human can run a distance of 1 Mile (1.6 Kilometres) in 4 minutes. Many athletes had tried but failed. Even scientists had theories that it is not possible for a human body to run 1 Mile distance in 4 minutes. But on May 6th, 1954 “Sir Roger Bannister” ran 1 Mile distance in under 4 minutes.

What’s important here is to know what happened after that… there was another athlete who was able to do the achieve the same feat in just 46 days after Sir Roger Bannister did. And then multiple athletes were able to achieve the same after that. And then it became normal for every professional athlete to run 1 Mile distance in 4 minutes.

Do you realize what was thought to be IMPOSSIBLE for hundreds of years suddenly became a normal thing in just a few years? What exactly changed?

The BIGGEST thing that changed was the BELIEF that something like this can be achieved. Because when someone is able to do something, it no longer remains “impossible”, and people start believing that it can be achieved simply because they know it has already been done.

Your success too is just like that.

For you to achieve that massive success, it is not some massive level strategy that is gonna do the wonder. It is a combination of 3 things:

1. The BELIEF that yes massive success is achievable.
Make targets that are impossible according to you right now. But you know someone else who has done it. And then just have this belief that you can do it too. Write down all the impossible looking targets, give them a date when do you think you can achieve them, and then tell them to people with whom you can be accountable. You can even send a reply to this email with your big bold dreams and even post in our DOERs group. That will help you become accountable. Next…

2. BELIEVE in yourself.
Most people whom I have seen failing did not fail because they were not good. They failed because they did not believe that they were good enough. Even though they had all the capabilities to become massively successful. Just start believing in yourself that you can do it. Even if that seems tough right now still believe that it can be done. You can follow the concept of “Fake it till you make it”. So if you lack that confidence right now, just start behaving and acting as if that “lack of confidence” doesn’t exist. And follow the 3rd step (shared below)… and soon you will start believing in yourself in a genuine way that you can do anything & everything.

3. Follow the PROCESS of Success.
Trust me, success more than any capability or talent comes down to the process:

- how consistent are you with respect to your work
- how much are you ready to improve your skills & knowledge level
- showing up daily and completing your daily to-do list tasks
- being patient with your long-term goals

That’s it. These are the simple 3 steps to success. You just first need to have this BELIEF that your big dreams are achievable. Then you need to BELIEVE in yourself that you can do it. And then keep on following the PROCESS of success and you will start running towards your impossible looking goals at the fastest speed possible.

So what is it that you think is impossible right now but you are adding it to your list of goals right now after reading this email?

One more thing… when it comes to writing your goals, you should also assign a date to it. There is a whole science behind it that I will share with you in my tomorrow’s email. But before that make sure you write down your goals with a date and then wait for my tomorrow’s email.

Also please let me know if this email was helpful for you… Would you like to receive more such emails from me? And what all kind of content do you want me to cover in my emails? I would love to send you newsletters as per my experience that can help you achieve your “impossible looking targets”. So let me know what all topics you want me to cover. I would love to cover them if I feel I can add value on those topics.



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