What kind of developer should you hire on Upwork?

I have had a very good experience and a bad experience as well.

The bad experience that I had was when I worked with a developer who did not have a 5-star rating. That developer had a 3–3.5 star rating overall.

He had a few good 5-star ratings, but then he also had a few 1-star or 2-star ratings.

But, he showed their experience in the kind of project that I was looking for and at the same time, their price quotation was less.

The other few developers who approached us had their pricing on a higher side. They also had experience in a similar kind of project.

But, at the same time, they had a lot of 5-star ratings. Their profile was completely 5-star.

And there is one term on Upwork, I am not able to recollect it at this particular moment, but there is some term through which you can highlight the best-performing or best-reviewed developers over there.

So, when I worked with the former developers who had a 3-star rating, they were late, they ended up charging more money because they were taking more time.

One more mistake that I did was that we took the project outside as well and once the project went outside of Upwork, they did not hold themselves accountable for the project because they had nothing to lose because the project was not running on Upwork, so we could not give them 1-start or 2-star rating.

So they no longer remained accountable for the project.

So, that was a bad experience.

Next time, I was prepared. I had learned from my mistake and I hired the №1 Developer in that field.

That developer had a 5-star rating all around the place.

They charged me a higher amount, but they did the kind of quality work that I was expecting, and they were on time.

They adhered to the timeline that was decided between us. The communication was crisp and clear. It was fully on-point.

They worked with us until the project was completely done.

And the client, who was us, was fully satisfied.

So, here’s the thing, the lesson that I learned over there was that quality comes with a price.

And for things that are so critical.

A development project that is going to be a project that you are going to sell into the market, on which your entire recognition, your brand is at stake, you can not go for the cheaper options.

When you have to decide between cheap vs quality, you should always be choosing quality.

Because your time and money are valuable. And, above all, your reputation holds the topmost value.

So this is the kind of developer that you need to hire when you are going on Upwork or any other platform, for e.x. http://Freelancer.com or whatever platform you are hiring from.

Make sure you are working with the top-notch developers, if you want to have a good time and if you want to have a top-notch brand.

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