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2 min readMar 22, 2023


Successfully completed the international chapter of our “1 to 1” mentoring batch.

It was a 5 day personalized learning experience for our attendees where we delivered sessions on:

- Funnels
- Sales
- Team Building
- Systems (SOPs)
- Operations
- Collaborations
- Branding
- PR
- Content Creation
- Content Multiplication
- Abundance
- Mindset
- Business Numbers
- Support channels & systems
- High Ticket Sales
- Email Marketing
- Email List Cleaning & Segmentation
- Business Scaling
- Offer Creation
- Lead Generation
- Lead Pipeline & Automation
- Follow up
- Drip Sequence
- Objection Handling
- Landing Pages
- and a lot more…

Plus we answered individual queries of all the participants and we sat down with them and worked on their individual business plan.

Plus we also took all our amazing participants for a full day tour of Pattaya and then everyone had an insightful discussion with Mr Shreyas Talpade (@shreyastalpade27) where he inspired people through his inspirational story and answered individual questions.

The reason why we go all in when it comes to overdelivering is we know that we are creating a huge impact in the lives of so many people.

The attendees who were present at our One to One Mentoring Event had a combined:

- Follower base of Crores of people
- Lakhs of paid users
- 300+ Direct Employees & 700+ Indirect Employees

All of them are doing amazing work in their respective fields — Sports, Education, CA, Skill Development, Career Growth, Mindset, Business Growth Services

Think how much more EMPLOYMENT & IMPACT will be created when all these learnings will be implemented by all of our respective attendees. And how much more it will spread. How many lives will be touched & impacted over the period of years to come.

That’s the big mission. That’s the DRIVE that motivates us to do more.

In the meantime we were also working on some amazing updates in @flexifunnelsofficial. Watch out for that while we create a big market shift there.

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