How I Scaled My Online Course “Automated Webinar Funnel” To ~$1,500 Per Day For 3 Years Straight With Just 2 Hours Per Week Involvement From Me

saurabh bhatnagar
2 min readDec 10, 2022
  • For the last 3 years I have had a massive “Automated Webinar Funnel” edge in my online business that has allowed me to:
  • Scale my webinar funnel income to ~$1,500/day on complete automation with just 2 hours/week of my manual time involvement
  • Generate cashflow & great time freedom to focus my energy into building FlexiFunnels
  • Create the most successful online course ever with over 1,000+ success stories (not course enrollments, these are success stories. Check the testimonials page on my website)
  • Build one of the biggest online marketing communities of India with over 89,000+ members (SB DOERs Facebook group)
  • Build email list of 5,00,000+ subscribers
  • Earn time & money freedom to focus on my dream project

A daily income cashflow with hardly any time involvement is a huge luxury that has allowed me to do some of these superhuman things in the last 3 years.

With all modesty, I can tell you that I am one of the only few people (or perhaps the only person) from India who has scaled a 3+ year old auto webinar to such levels.

The simple reason why scaling an automated webinar funnel is difficult is because you are not doing a live webinar that you can modify as per the live audience. It remains the same, does not matter what audience it is. So the only way to SCALE such funnel is to be hyper optimized in your overall funnel operations. You can imagine we have optimized our Funnel to the minutest level possible. It started as a loss making funnel, which after a “lot of tweaks” I was able to convert into a very very profitable funnel.

I have never done a training on this subject before and therefore I have never shared these discoveries before with anyone.

However, for the very first time I am conducting a live webinar in which I will be revealing my “automated webinar funnel optimizations” with you that you can then use to scale your or your clients’ funnel.

I am keeping the registrations FREE for this training. There will be no replays. So you can only watch it live.

Link to register for the free workshop:

Go ahead & I will see you in the live workshop.



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