3 On-Page Growth Optimization Hacks

Today we are gonna discuss 3 important On-page growth optimization hacks.

So firstly, use a Hello Bar timer and a Center timer as well. A hello Bar timer with the headline and a call to action. That is number 1.

Number 2 would be to use a social proof element.

You might have seen it in some websites where call-outs keep appearing on the left side of the screen saying that “X person has purchased this 10 minutes ago”, “Y person has purchased this 1 minute ago”. This adds to the trust factor that people are buying it. So ultimately that works.

And the third hack would be the tab notifications. Multiple tools in the market can help you run the tab notifications.

Do you understand what a tab notification is?

When you use Facebook on your desktop, and you shift to some other tab in between, then as soon as you get any sort of notification, it starts flashing on the Facebook tab itself.

Notifications like one new notification, 2 new notifications, one new message something like that starts showing.

Immediately, it generates a curiosity within you to go back to Facebook and check it. So that is something that works.

In the same manner, you can use similar tab notifications on your sales page. As soon as your prospect will shift to some other tab leaving your tab, It will start flashing on the notification in that tab over there.

The notification could be anything like your product name, a prompt like come back, a special discount notification, or an emoji. It can be anything.

Although I mentioned 3 hacks I want to tell you one more thing which is very important and that is the cart abandon sequence.

I know this is not exactly an on-page optimization, but it is slightly related because the cart abandon sequence will be guided by your page itself in the form of a code, and in the backend, you will have a cart abandon sequence.

If you want to know the kind of cart abandon email you should be writing, I have another episode on my podcast in which I have revealed my cart abandon email. You can check that out as well.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4snIOfz8PEDxHzurgmqt4y?si=ZyRy8WTUSIGL5gNM6z6m6A&dl_branch=1

That will give you the entire script for your cart abandon email.

So these are some quick on-page growth optimization hacks that will help you in increasing the conversions of your sales page.

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